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Power in Africa
Environment Award Winner - Energy Instit
Water in Africa
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SolaPac, a versatile renewable energy generator and water treatment system delivers ‘grid quality’ energy and filtered water to remote areas and can be integrated into existing electricity systems, is a UK innovation originated and developed by Greenheart Energy Ltd, a UK renewable energy market leader, and co-designed with Hill and Smith Solar, a member of the Hill and Smith Group, leaders in the manufacture of steel support products.


Key features of the SolaPac are:

  • Easy to install –  can be installed in a couple of hours by people with no experience and little tooling.

  • Provides ‘grid-quality’ three phase energy and purified water (both fresh and sea water) to remote areas.

  • 24 hours energy solution powered by the sun, with no environmental impact.

  • Storage facility ensures that unused energy is stored and can be used at night or when the sun is not providing the energy required.

  • Self-contained unit with remote monitoring functionality.

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Environment Award Winner - Energy Instit

Mike Eyre, Chairman of SolaPac, Honourary Consul for Malawi.

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Mike Eyre, Chairman of SolaPac says:

“Our vision was to design an easy to use, environmentally friendly and viable solution to meet the demand for energy and water in remote parts part of the world. Once installed, SolaPac, can provide enough power for up to 100 rural dwellings and up to 8000 litres of cleaned, purified water per hour, all day, every day, making a significant difference to the communities using them. With a SolaPac unit in place the opportunity to increase agri-business yields, to improve education and health provision, and to contribute to the overall socio-economic standing of a community is almost unlimited.”

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Rural and Off-grid Locations

Not only can a SolaPac provide more reliable and useable electricity to multiple homes in remote villages, but it brings the economic benefits of being able to operate substantial machinery for processing such as mills, bakeries, drying, refrigeration and so on.

Mining Operations

Because of the nature of mining, as a power intensive user with operations in different locations, SolaPacs can be deployed and moved as operations shift to new areas of exploration replacing diesel gensets and the need to move liquid fuels on a regular basis.

Pumping Water

Solapacs are a heavyweight power solution for water pumping and can significantly reduce the cost of pumping water for irrigations or human consumption. Use of the SolaPac in agricultural applications has the potential to open up new areas for agriculture even potentially to bring previously unuseable land into economic play.

Disaster Relief

Because SolaPacs can be so rapidly deployed, they can quickly deliver lighting, heating, purified water, refrigeration of medicines and power to disaster areas and refugee camps. Within hours of the need arising, we can be there ready to generate.

Construction Sites

A SolaPac might be just what is needed to deliver works power to a construction site prior to connection to the grid. It offers the opportunity for an interim solution in countries where it can take a long time to achieve a grid connection.

Eco Tourist Resorts

SolaPacs are an easy to deploy eco-friendly means of providing for tourist comforts and needs at game parks, safari lodges and island resorts.

Meet the Team

Mike Eyre: Chairman & Honourary Consul for Malawi
Rob Rabone: Finance Director
David Eyre: Director
Sue Laker: General Counsel
Michael St. Pierre: Technical Manager

Thuthuka Mbatha: Regional Manager, SADAC

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